no sd card and slow start times

Josh Thompson om-comm at
Sat Jul 19 14:16:04 CEST 2008

Replying to myself here.

I flashed the device with the default image and was able to get things working 
again.  I did discover that the "Please wait" part was from openmoko-today 
seg faulting.


On Fri July 18 2008 4:11:49 pm Josh Thompson wrote:
> I cannot seem to get my sd card mounted.  Before using it in my freerunner,
> I put it in the adapter and copied some stuff to it using my laptop.  I've
> done an upgrade on the system today.  I never tried it before upgrading. 
> It never gets mounted anywhere under /media or /mnt.  I don't see anything
> about it in /proc/partitions.  Is there a certain kernel module that needs
> to be inserted?
> Also, starting sometime today (probably around upgrading it), I've been
> getting stuck on the start screen where it has the openmoko log and
> says "Please wait..." for a long time whenever it boots (long being > 5
> minutes).  The applet icons are there and the power and aux buttons bring
> up their respective menus.  I can shell in to it over usb.  Running top
> shows pretty minimal usage (10-15%) with neod and pulseaudio being the top
> processes.  Any ideas?
> Thanks so much to the Openmoko team for such a great device!
> Josh

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