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matt joyce matt.joyce at
Sat Jul 19 17:17:04 CEST 2008

arne anka wrote:
> imho the number of people adverse to top postings equals more or less the  
> number of people being annoyed by down-postings.
> just recently i got mail over 4 pages (with  a screen 19200x1200 and 11px  
> font!) with just one (and above all rather meaninmgless) sentence below.
> ususally i know from the subject and a short glance a) what the thread was  
> about or b) if i am inclined to read the mail.


> this top/down is not going to solve anything ... there are imho two rules  
> to be observed instead:
> - use meaningful subjects
> - quote only what is absolutely necessary
A little common sense and curtsy, go along way.

> and btw: for the sake of future generations and the archive:
> _never_ do something like "oh! i found a solution! it's here:  
> http://someoutsideurl. bye"
> there is little more annoying but searching the archives for a specific  
> problem, hitting a "solved"-post and seeing it points to a dead link w/o  
> citing the solution!

A third must have rule should be; don't be lazy start a new thread.
Top/Bottom might annoy some people, but thread-jacking has a lasting 
consequence.  It really is an irksome practice.


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