USB Host Mode for Wifi Card - help!

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Sun Jul 20 03:39:43 CEST 2008

Thanks for the info... I got it sorted out - I had to bring down the usb0
iface first (lack of sleep to blame for overlooking such a menial thing).

The card is recognized but the driver is super buggy. I've just finished
compiling a new kernel doing away with the mac80211 version for the
ieee80211 one. This 'should' resolve the issue with the card for me.

Thanks again,


On 7/19/08 6:32 PM, "Brad Midgley" <bmidgley at> wrote:

> hey
> Make sure you have charged up batteries... you're supposed to flip the
> switch on the hub on so it uses the battery power to run the hub and
> usb devices. You'll get both red and blue LEDs on when this is
> working. Without the red LED showing, you'll be trying to overload the
> FR with not just charging the batteries, but also running everything
> else.
> I modified this hub so it would work with a gta01 but it should work
> out of the box for you.

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