Rules based policy engine

Frederik Sdun frederik.sdun at
Sun Jul 20 06:13:16 CEST 2008


I'm one of the GSoC students and work on the answering machine. I
already use this concept in my project and it uses modules so it might
be possible to extend it to fit your needs. It's implemented in vala so
you can use all GLib functionality and more. As far as you can create
vala bindings for it or you can use C and GObject.

I just implemented 2 types of connecting rules yet: all of them or one
of them. Also a complex type might be possible.

my current rules are: 
-time ( depending on day of week and current time)
-calendar ( depending on your entries in you calendar )
-GPS ( depending on a GPS position and a radius around this )

my current actions are:
- run a custom command on startup and at the end
- answer call: yes it is an answering machine
- answer asterisk call: this should also be answered
- send sms: send a user defined message to a caller

Here you can find the class diagram [1]. it will be updated soon.



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