Rules based policy engine

michael irons michael at
Sun Jul 20 06:36:44 CEST 2008

On Thu, Jul 17, 2008 at 5:01 PM, matt joyce <matt.joyce at> wrote:
> I have always wanted many more features on my phone, than any phone I've
> owned has provided.
> I expect the majority of people who are excited about Openmoko have
> similar day dreams.

Exactly. I have been thinking about this too. I would love it if I had
one number... My home voip line... If my computer detects via bt or
wifi that I am there, it goes through, if not, it forwards to my cell
number. or at work, if I am at my desk (usually not) it will ring
through, else it forwards to my cell.

Although this may include rules that  server side, rather than client
side. It would be great if some of the companies that offer " a one
number service" which you can update online, would publish a protocol
to update your settings somewhat like the dynamic dns companies, then
a client program with your rulesets would update it.

Here is one example of such a company that offers one number: (just googled, there are many
companies... funny just noticed google acquired them.) They aready let
you update which phone to call based on your online settings.

Just dreaming as well, but it probably isn't too far away.

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