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Sun Jul 20 14:43:28 CEST 2008

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openmoko at wrote:
> I happily ponied up the $400 each for the 1973 as well as the 
> Freerunner, despite the fact that the 1973 is disappointing enough in 
> that power issues make it useless as a day-to-day device.
I think is very good for who live in Europe because as a private, there
will be the possibility to avoid dougane taxes (but I am not very sure)
 The fact that
> there are at least one confirmed (GPS vs SD) hardware bug, with 
> suspected more (sound echo/buzzing possibly being a problem with the 
> case) gives me very good cause to worry that I've purchased another 
> dust-collector.

I don't think you bought a dust collector, because the problem  GPS vs
SD was fixed very well by software (and you can't imagine how many hw
bug are fixed with software patch in the mobile market).
But if you want to be very obsesseded by hw bug, you can always fixed
with a capacitor.

About the sound echo / buzzing I can say nothing, but I think they are
software relate
> I've been attempting for the latter half of the week to contact 
> to arrange for a return of the reportedly defective 
> Freerunner that arrived Monday.  So far I've had no response, but will 
> keep trying.  In the meantime, if someone else out there would like to 
> acquire the sold-out device, please let me know off-list.  (As an added 
> bonus, I can throw in an AT&T prepaid sim with quite a bit of time left 
> on it.)

Good sell!
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