Screen locking while in conversation

shawn sullivan shelbydz at
Sun Jul 20 15:59:56 CEST 2008

What about those phone calls where you have to enter DTMF codes (ie, 
press buttons on the phone)?

I think the current design works, but there should be a mechanism to 
keep from hanging up with your ears. I guess some people were having 
that issue. Not me, my ears are fine (:

. . .shawn

papa-piet wrote:
> I would completely power off the screen, just to save power and power it
> on after AUX- or power-button was pressed.
> Peter K.
> Olivier Berger schrieb:
>> Jisakiel <jisakiel at> writes:
>>> What about leaving most of the screen without actions, and the
>>> "hangup / hold / speaker" buttons in the bottom of the screen? It's
>>> the part less probable to be touched by funny ears, and that way you
>>> can still use it fine...
>> And what about using the phone's buttons to do that instead of the
>> screen... no ear would be shaped so bizare as to press the buttons ;)
>> My 2 cents,

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