Rules based policy engine

matt joyce matt.joyce at
Sun Jul 20 16:09:12 CEST 2008

Scott Derrick wrote:
> If GPS position is going to be a phone answering rule you would have 
> to have the GPS sub system running all the time. It can't wake from 
> sleep and acquire a position soon enough go be part of the decision. 
> Not sure what that will do to battery life.
> Scot
That's a valid point.
However, if a GPS dependant rule cannot get a fix (because it's off) in 
a timely fashion, the rule fails.

It may be possible to use GSM call towers to give a good enough location 
for these rules.

Looking at this rule again :
'If it can be reliably established that my physical location is one of 
my favourite restaurants please switch my phone to vibrate, unless my 
babysitter calls.'

'reliably' is the operative word here, and I may consider GSM based 
location, reliable.
If a profile switching approach is taken, we could switch to the 
"vibrate with exceptions' profile and shutdown GPS.

On the other hand, if always-on GPS is what's needed, then future models 
will have to address the power requirements.
Or, perhaps a case mod for larger batteries is required.

Presumably geo-mappers have this problem already.


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