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what's the hungriest of all? or if we can have a list of all the hungry
stuff in the FR sorted from the one starving to the one who needs a snack?

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> Somebody in the thread at some point said:
> | I've noticed significantly reduced runtime when using one of the
> | latest daily builds (2008-07-16 I think).  I have a theory.  I suspect
> | bluetooth isn't really being turned off when I think it is any more.
> | The factory image ran with a dimmed screen (no suspend) for a good 6
> | hours and only drained to 64% according to asm.  The latest daily
> | build completely drained the battery in 6 hours (even after asm -s).
> | How can I check to ensure that the BT module isn't drawing power?
> There's two levels of supicion you can apply to check what's really
> going on.  First there is a logical enable signal that is reported by
> cat /sys/bus/platform/devices/neo1973-pm-bt.0/power_on
> This would report 0 if the BT stuff was logically "off".
> If it still doesn't satisfy the suspicion, you can quite directly check
> if it is being given power by the PMU.
> cat /sys/devices/platform/s3c2440-i2c/i2c-adapter/i2c-0/0-0073/dump_regs
> will (after a little pause while it grabs them) dump the whole PMU
> register state.  BT is powered off LDO4, it means registers 0x33 and
> 0x34 are interesting.  The LDO is powered if b0 of 0x34 is '1', it
> should be disabled if it claims BT is off.
> However, WLAN is much hungrier than BT.  Maybe it can be that?
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