Rules based policy engine

matt joyce matt.joyce at
Sun Jul 20 23:26:52 CEST 2008

Or, perhaps use GSM triangulation to trigger GSP fix acquisition.

Scott Derrick wrote:
> I thought about it awhile and decided that you could have the GPS 
> engine get a fix every 5 minutes or some user adjustable time frame 
> and use the last known fix. 99% of the time it would probably be close 
> enough.
> Scott
> matt joyce wrote:
>> Scott Derrick wrote:
>>> If GPS position is going to be a phone answering rule you would have 
>>> to have the GPS sub system running all the time. It can't wake from 
>>> sleep and acquire a position soon enough go be part of the decision. 
>>> Not sure what that will do to battery life.
>>> Scot
>> That's a valid point.
>> However, if a GPS dependant rule cannot get a fix (because it's off) 
>> in a timely fashion, the rule fails.
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