SDR chip candidates

carmen r _ at
Mon Jul 21 08:34:09 CEST 2008

are there any SD adc/exciter combinations which are open source and suitable for OpenMoko? i know of the QS1R project off hand..

GTA02 has 4 radios, 3 of which can transmit (BlueTooth, GSM, 802.11) and one extremely sensitive to low-power signal (GPS).

im sure the RF coupling / capacitance / crosstalk issues that have plagued GPS with SD or Wifi operational, add buzzing to GSM etc will be worked out in due time, in fact i'll be buying a future revision myself.. 

eventualy it would be nice to get rid of all the radios and consolidate though...

i guess some kind of folded J-pole might have enough bandwidth to work well on all the GSMs and 802.11 at once.. 1/4 wl for 850/900 and 3/4 for 802.11..

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