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Mon Jul 21 09:24:13 CEST 2008

I am not quite agree the no. 4
In the typical Chinese company, everything we need supervisor's 
permission. Supervisor always make the decision , them, we just follow it.
If our supervisor doesn't make the devision, one thing you can do , is 
GUESS or remind him. But most of Chinese like guess than remind.


Marek Lindner ??:
> On Thursday, 17. July 2008 20:34:40 digger vermont wrote:
>>> - Mailing list fit into the Western style of communication not in the
>>> Eastern style.
>> I'm curious, what would be the Eastern style?
> Eastern people try to avoid all public discussions for various reasons:
> - They don't want make other people loose their face. 
> - They are educated not no say what they think.
> - They are afraid that they get fired (Openmoko one of the few exceptions 
> here).
> - Often they have the feeling that their supervisor should make the decision 
> and not them. So they wait in front of the problem, ignore it and hope it 
> goes away.
> In contrast to that rumors and guessing is very popular here.  :-)
> Marek
> PS: All that is a bit extreme but should you give a feeling.  ;-)
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