In the press. "The OpenMoko wiki - a tangled pile of mostlyoutdated and incomplete documentation."

William Lai will at
Mon Jul 21 21:19:01 CEST 2008

On Jul 22, 2008, at 2:13 AM, Michael Shiloh wrote:
> Josh Monson wrote:
>> Has the list been created? The wiki-editors mailing list?
> yes. it's called documentation.
>> Michael/Brenda,
>> Is there any type of organizational plan at this point in terms of  
>> whom
>> will be doing what,
> no, although i look to the original 4-5 volunteers to lead the effort.

and Brenda.
In fact she has been actively 'leading' since day 1, before any of  
these discussions started.

> if you want to be involved, the procedure should be this:
> 1. join the "documentation" mailing list
> 2. respectfully listen for a bit, to see how the list flows
> 3. make your offer of assistance, and let the "lead" volunteers  
> guide you.
> 4. if you have comments or suggestions, it would be polite to wait a
> little longer to see how the active participants communicate amongst
> themselves, how they identify and organize the work, and what they are
> actually doing. they are probably already aware of whatever comment or
> idea you have, and it would be impolite to push them.
> and will Brenda be coordinating the efforts I
>> assume?
> no.

Brenda is our official editor.  She may not be coordinating, but she  
will be around, giving guidance even if needed.  We have an internal  
effort to get content out of the wiki into a static page on referencing development and how to get started with the  
platform.  Similar to: 
.   Brenda will lead this effort.  If there are any ideas on what  
should or should not be in this material please pass it on to her.  We  
see as an important place for newcomers to get a glimpse  
of what we are about, not just what we sell.  Adding community efforts  
from the wiki just seemed like the next logical upgrade.



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