Project Proposal: Dead man's switch

Diego Fernández Durán diego at
Mon Jul 21 22:05:55 CEST 2008

Hi all,

 Sorry, a week of sinusitis[1] is the cause of this crazy idea. 
 What do you think about a little app that works as dead man's switch[2]
(DMS since now) in the FR? It can have the following features:
	- Trigger an alarm if you don't touch the screen before the countdown
ends. Countdown can restart on touch.
	- Alarm can trigger different actions:
		* Call a number (112, 911, mum :) )
		* Ring/Vibrate
		* Execute a command
	- Use a voice synthesizer (festival) to talk and give GPS coordinates
(or location associated with coords [note]).

 I would be interested in the development, and I can begin it myself
but: As I understand would be better if it's developed using ETK and
	- Where can I get ETK and FSO doc?
	- Is there any interface guidelines?
	- How can I show the menus in the bottom and top of the screen (like
Illume does)? There is any Openmoko toolkit over ETK to do this?

 Comments on this "thing" will be appreciated. (and sorry for my bad

 -- Diego.

 [note] Would be useful some kind of system wide human-readable
locations associated with GPS coordinates (or and area centered in a GPS
coordinates). The DMS, GPS located notes, GPS located profiles (sound,
dim & lock, scream-if-I'm-locked-and-anybody-catches-me) could use it

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