Import contacts qtopia

Kalle Happonen kalle.happonen at
Mon Jul 21 22:07:30 CEST 2008

Greg Bonett wrote:
>> Unofficial answer (as this is not tested by us... it is the code from
>> trolltech as is so is likely to have issues)
>> 1.) copy the the file vcf to the device
>> 2.) /opt/Qtopia/bin/addressbook /path/to/vcf-file (will get deleted)
>> 3.) GUI makes some stuff... asks you to import..
>> 4.) You might need to restart afterwards
>> maybe someone comes up with a FAQ...
>> z.
> Ah, thats seems easy.
> Can anyone confirm this method?  (I'll try it as soon as I get home from
> work)
Hmm I didn't get this to work. I didn't have a terminal on the phone, so 
I ran it with X forwarding, i.e. the windows opened on my laptop. I 
think I would have gotten them imported (vCard version 2.1, not 3 for 
some reason), but I found no way of confirmin the "Would you like to 
import" dialog. I didn't find a way to tell addressbook to autoimport, 
the documentation is a bit skimpy..


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