Rules based policy engine

Matt Joyce matt.joyce at
Tue Jul 22 09:19:28 CEST 2008

> It would be good to make sure that it's easy to have prolog or some
> other rule based system autogenerate and interface to the small domain
> specific language.  I think the way it would work is prolog would use
> some event handlers to maintain a table of facts that the DSL would then
> use as its base database.
> Also, datalog would be a much better choice than prolog.  The outcome of
> prolog programs depends on the order in which rules are defined.  This
> isn't true for datalog, which has cleaner semantics.  The two languages
> have nearly identical syntax.
> -Rusty

I took some time to read the wikipedia pages for bother Prolog [1] and
Datalog [2], both interesting.
I found some Prolog libs for Python but not for Datalog, but I found
source code for "Datalog - A deductive database system for memory
constrained devices." [3], a quick look suggests it written in C.
Might be interesting.

I think it's important to keep jotting down potential uses for this
system, I think I may whip up a wiki page at some point.
With inference in mind, a small gui app which simply asks "Where are we now ?"
The user enters "Work", or "Home", etc.
The app informs the rule system about all the GMS towers it can
detect, and WIFI networks and the tag the user entered.
A pretty simple way of training the system, I think.

How about a location based home pages on the browser or rss.
I'm at the station (because the rule system infers that I am), show me
the traffic news rss.
At work, show me my Nagios status page.
At home my weather station page. (is that sad?)
Anywhere else, google please.

I'm pretty sure GSM locations would work for this sort of thing.

Comments welcomed.




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