Why is Qtopia much faster?

Lorn Potter lpotter at trolltech.com
Tue Jul 22 11:10:27 CEST 2008

Tilman Baumann wrote:
> And not using x11 is probably a very sane step, if you can live  
> without the portability factor. (That's porting other apps)

There is no portability factor. Only which toolkit is available.

As one of our engineers here said on our internal discussion (and goes 
back to rasters comment):

"One of the neat advantages of Qtopia on Qt for Embedded Linux is that 
there is little penalty in converting back and forth between a QImage 
and QPixmap so we have used this extensively which makes quite a few 
things much easier and more possible than if things are based on X11 
where these conversions are expensive and you then need to put a bit 
more thought in to it. "

Lorn 'ljp' Potter
Software Engineer, Systems Group, Trolltech, a Nokia company

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