Caps for GTA02 GPS rework

Scott scott at
Tue Jul 22 14:38:49 CEST 2008

I just bought ten, 10pf 0402 package ceramic caps from digikey.  Part 
number 399-1011-1-ND.

They are 2.5 cents apiece, min order 10.  With shipping they will 
probably be 50 cents apiece.

Once I get them, For a buck I will send one to anybody where a 42 cent 
US stamp will reach.  I only need two, so will have 8 extra.

I should have them in hand in a few days, and will post again when they 
are here and I verify the 0402 package is the right one.


JW wrote:
> well from what Andy says they have  found a software fix which
> - keeps good SD card perf (for cards tested so far)
> - doesn't degrade gps signal
> the software fix will be in the new kernel very soon and
> - switches off SD clock when not needed
> - reduces the drive strength of the SD signal when on
> so looks to me that the hardware kids can go ahead if they want to....
> but not proved necessary right now...
> jw
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