Reason for GPS problems found!

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Tue Jul 22 20:07:55 CEST 2008

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Somebody in the thread at some point said:

| This is now starting to look great! I seem to be unable to get the

Wah it's good to hear!

| It would be nice to know whether the S/N ratio is about as good with
| the software fix as it's without SD card - it might not be, it might
| be. If I get into situation that I can't get signal or it takes very
| long to get a fix, it's easy to wonder whether the situation could be
| even better...

Halting SD_CLK is the best behaviour for this of all, at that time the
cap doesn't bring anything aditionally measurable to the party.  That'll
be the case when you're not actively doing something with SD Card now.

When you are spamming SD Card tomorrow's kernel changes the default
drive power for those lines to the lowest.  Energy then at 1.5GHz from
that is 6dBm more than background level under those conditions, I guess
the cap will reduce it 1 or 2 dBm extra but it's already under the level
it seems to make any difference to GPS.  Combined with the fact we stop
the clock altogether normally I don't think the cap rework is needed...
if these positive reports keep coming anyway.

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