Terminal for ASU

Holger Freyther zecke at openmoko.org
Wed Jul 23 06:30:38 CEST 2008

On Wednesday 23 July 2008 05:56:41 Jacob Peterson wrote:
> Ken, I too feel your pain.  I had just stated to get things setup, then I
> decided to update and to my surprise, all applications requiring a keyboard
> are now useless.  I ended up reverting back to the July 21st snapshot for
> now, but I will try editing the illume theme and rebuilding once I can
> locate the required tools to edit the themes.

The theme files are "edje" files. There is edje_cc to compile them from edc 
files and there is edje_decc to decompile them (can be compiled with edje_cc 

So get a illume.edj where raster forgot to remove the "QWERTY" button, get the 
next rev (fixing up that "oversight"), decompile both edj files, see the 
difference, patch in the keyboard button.

Ask someone in the community to provide illume-theme packages which are 
up-to-date but have the qwertz button present?

I hope this hint helps

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