Why is Qtopia much faster?

Timo Jyrinki timo.jyrinki at gmail.com
Wed Jul 23 11:00:15 CEST 2008

2008/7/23 Lorn Potter <lpotter at trolltech.com>:
> It still is open source, even if the development is not so open.

Yes, closed development project can be open source but it's not ideal.
It requires more of blind faith that "this software is good", similar
to using closed software. With an open development model, there is
more active communication between core developers and eg. application
developers, since everyone can be a bit of both. In this "code drop"
type of open source project, everyone is just expected to use the
software, not as much develop or even study it.

> A lot of "open source" communities are not 'anyone has write access to
> the source repository'. You have to prove yourself first. I think most
> projects are like that. Heck I think openmoko wasn't developed in the
> open in the beginning.

Repository access is different from planning and designing together.

> How does sticking to one toolkit mean less flexibility? You can write
> the same type of app in any language, its just a matter of how well your
> toolkit works for you.

You should know this - there are tens of thousands existing open
source GUI programs written for other toolkits, and I want to use some
of them (that fit in low res) without programming, or at least without
rewriting them from scratch if some adaption for small screen size is
needed. I want to take random package source from eg. Debian, compile
it for Neo and run it. So, I want all the usual libraries to be
available / installable, including glib, GTK, Qt, GStreamer, dbus,
wxwidgets, X.org etc.


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