Public build host (proposal)

Vijay Vaidyanathan vijay at
Wed Jul 23 21:07:58 CEST 2008

On 7/23/08, Vijay Vaidyanathan <vijay at> wrote:
> I have images available as an Amazon EC2 AMI. If you are familiar
> with Amazon EC2 (it is really easy to set yourself up if you are not)
> let me know and I shall send you the details.
> It isnt free (it costs about $.10 per hour for the "standard"
> machine) but you only pay for when you are using it.

Oh ... and if it wasn't obvious, I am not the one charging the $.1  
per hour, it goes to Amazon, and they keep it :-) I'd just be the one  
creating and making the image available to the public.

details are at and I'm just a satisfied  
customer etc etc.

- VV

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