FreeBSD / dfu-util

Oliver Heesakkers openmoko2 at
Wed Jul 23 21:31:07 CEST 2008

Op Tuesday 22 July 2008 19:45:20 schreef Ben Cadieux:
> I notice some comments in there with regards to FBSD, so maybe it does
> work and I'm screwing something up :)

Here are the binaries (for both 6.3 and 7.0) I managed to build:

They manage to list the device, but not flash the device, because dfu-util 
needs to call usb_reset, which isn't implemented on BSD. I posted a question 
on freebsd-usb about this and the only response so far is:

"The official USB stack has no IOCTL for this. What you can do is to turn off 
the port power on the HUB manually, using an USB control request."

I don't know how to hack this properly. Simply removing the usb_reset call did 
not work (naturally).

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