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Wed Jul 23 23:46:30 CEST 2008

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I hope this story will not put you all to smile too much because I don't
think it merit too much to be discussed at LinuxWorld :)

I and my girlfriend decided to have a baby. Until now we used a online
service that was telling us when is the best moment to get it.
The only problem was that usually we don't have always internet with us,
expecially when we need.

So, I decided to write an application for Freerunner that can help us: I
 *never* wrote an application for Linux. I knew only Java / VB / PHP.

I watched around and I read that FreeRunner will support Python and
PyGtk: I decided to use it (gtk) becuase in my desktop I use gnome
(Ubuntu 8.04 and Fedora 9), and python because seem to be enougth easy.
I started to write it 3 days ago and now it is almost ready :)

I think it was a good choose for these reasons:

1. I had the possibility to write it using a complete and fully
documented language ( with google you can solve almost all the problems)

2. I can use my application also on my Desktop

3. I can use a high level - interpreted language that make programming
easier (and a bit less clean :)

I will receive my FreeRunner next week, but for now I am surprised how
look on Gnome.

I'd like to release it under GPL. For me was wonderful to know that in
three days I had the possibility to make my custom application, without
the need to use a particular language / toolkit, without need to pay a
lot of money for producer SDK, and to be able to give it to a my friend
without the need to upload it to a store!

This for me mean freedom and this is the added value of Openmoko Freerunner.

Michael Shiloh wrote:
> Michele,
> This sounds excellent.
> I should add for all of you to consider: interesting is not just the 
> application, but perhaps the ease with which you were able to develop, 
> the convenience of testing, perhaps simply the inspiration of an open 
> phone. And the challenges and difficulties as well for that matter.
> These all make excellent topics for discussion when skeptics ask me 
> what's so special about Openmoko.
> So tell me your stories! They are valuable content for my talks.
> Michael
> Michele Renda wrote:
> Hi Michael
> I am just finishing my first application for the Freerunner. It is
> python written and use gtk.
> Are these toolkits allowed to the "campain"?
> It is a very simple application, require no connectivity or big
> resource, but I never saw something like this in a phone.
> I will give more details in the list when it will be ready
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