strange problem with Intenso 4GB SDHC card

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Wed Jul 23 23:58:59 CEST 2008

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Somebody in the thread at some point said:
| Hi,
| just a quick observation from my side that could possibly be related:
| Until yesterday, my 4GB SanDisk card worked fine with a recent (e.g.
| 2008-07-22 or 21) kernel - after an opkg upgrade this morning that got
| me a new kernel I was surprised to see the card not beeing recognized
| anymore - furthermore, its MBR was zeroed out, and no tool could read or
| reformat it except a SD-Card recovery tool by Panasonic ( sdfv2003.exe
| running only under Windows, of course ) !
| I now backup'ed the partition table and mbrs in hope to be able to dd it
| back, should this happen again. Sorry, but I haven't got any logs as I
| was busy recovering what was left, but I'll surly save them next time ...

There's a race of some kind in suspend / resume that can do this, the
signature effect of it is on resume your device comes back as mmcblk1
and the logical filesystem in memory is corrupted.  We didn't see this
for a long time though.  Maybe keep an eye out for such shenanigans on

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