SIM cards and AT&T

Adam Talbot talbotx at
Thu Jul 24 04:53:49 CEST 2008

Picked up a pile of SIM cards from a local junk dealer.  Turns out all
the older cards work just fine.  My carrier is AT&T so I can not
activate an old SIM. The newer AT&T cards are model 71234G and 71234D do
not work at all.  But people are reporting the 71234O working.  So I
find one.  It works... Mostly.  After a while the phone goes back to a
"registering" state.  At this point it will not reconnect.  But If I
pull the SIM and put it back into my old Nokia, let it boot, then
shutdown and move the SIM back to the FR, it works fine... For a few
hours. That sounds like a connection issue.  So the same test with out
the Nokia.  Just reset the card.  No good.  My normal test it to run at
+cimi.  No good.  Fine I will by an old ATT wireless SIM card.  AT&T
will not activate the old SIM because AT&T is not ATT Wireless.  This is
just a pain.  Wondering what the status on the new GSM firmware? 

Could I get around this with a SIM card burner?  Is there such a thing?
Copy the 71234O SIM onto one of my old SIMs?

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