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Roland Mas lolando at
Thu Jul 24 10:31:13 CEST 2008

arne anka, 2008-07-23 20:03:21 +0200 :

> sysfsutils (at least on debian/unstable) contains a script, that
> reads a configfiole on startup and sets values in /sys/ accordingly.

  Thanks for the script.


> class/leds/gta02-power:orange/trigger=bat-charging
> class/leds/gta02-power:blue/trigger=bat-full
> class/leds/gta02-aux:red/trigger=nand-disk
> when chargin the orange led should shine, when full the blue.

  For some reason, once the battery has started charging, it doesn't
seem to stop.  Sometimes the LED briefly flickers when I unplug the
USB cable, but it comes up again.  The icon in the top of the screen
changes to a battery rather than one with a lightning-bolt in it, but
what does it know, the LED is directly plugged into the kernel, so I
guess it's authoritative.  Apparently the hardware guys finally found
an infinite source of energy!

...that, or the kernel just forgets to switch the LED off.  Andy?

Roland Mas

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