Public build host (proposal)

Jay Vaughan jayv at
Thu Jul 24 11:15:06 CEST 2008

> I don't have any objections to having a c compiler 'on board' with me
> all the time...

Me either!  In fact I find it a very easy way to get started with  
OpenMoko development without having all the drudgery of setting up a  
cross-toolchain and all the other cruft associated with it.

> IIRC I can 'dpkg install gcc' on the FreeRunner, and also 'dpkg
> install openmokoui-2.0-dev'?

s/dpkg/opkg/, sure.

Here's what I did to set up my Freerunner to compile the bling project  

opkg install binutils binutils-dev libc6-dev libcairo-dev linux-libc- 
headers-dev gcc cpp cpp-symlinks g++ g++-symlinks gcc-symlinks libstdc+ 
+-dev libmokoui2-dev librsvg-2-gtk-dev librsvg-2-dev make make-dev


Jay Vaughan

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