Public build host (proposal)

Jay Vaughan jayv at
Thu Jul 24 13:57:21 CEST 2008

>   If you only wants to build your own project, I recommend you to use
>   meta-toolchain.

.. or use the compiler-on-board approach.  Took me 46 seconds to  
compile a 2000-line GTK app with cairo, rsvg, etc.  Not terribly  
exciting, speed-wise, but definitely very easy to use if you don't  
want to set up a full cross-compiling build environment, and whats  
even greater is that you can do all the development work as a new  
project on your Linux machine, then just put the source files on the  
Freerunner for compiling/testing in that environment.  My project for  
testing all this right now is bling, an update of the FOSDEM 2007 demo  
app by macslow, with changes to make it run nicely on Freerunner.   
This project even uses autotools, so its very nice and easy to go from  
the main Linux workstation in my life to the Freerunner for final  
compiling after development ..

>   OpenEmbedded builds everything even if you only trying to build
>   Hellworld.

Once you get it set up once, you can then just use "bitbake -b" to build only your local project, though ..

Jay Vaughan

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