Brian C brianwc at OCF.Berkeley.EDU
Thu Jul 24 16:02:45 CEST 2008

Bastian Muck wrote:
> julien cubizolles schrieb:
> | Le jeudi 17 juillet 2008 à 17:53 +0200, papa-piet a écrit :
> |> Hi,
> |> I didn't tested it yet but maybe this will help:
> |>
> |> http://freeyourphone.de/portal_v1/viewtopic.php?f=5&t=170&start=75#p3277
> |
> | I thinks it's the original one. I adjusted this one (increased the Mic2
> | from 0 to 50) and nobody complains anymore when I call them...
> |
> No, it is not the original one. I adjusted the mono-volume, so everyone 
> can understand me but without echo. Before the adjustment, everyone 
> complained, that i was not loud enough.
> Greetings Bastian

I've read this entire thread a couple of times and there are just so
many options in alsamixer that I cannot figure out how to turn up the
volume enough so that I can be heard by the person I'm calling.  Would
someone who has figured this out please place very simple instructions
on the wiki?  Thanks.


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