Suggestion: default /etc/resolv.conf

arne anka openmoko at
Thu Jul 24 17:43:17 CEST 2008

> if they have to ssh in and edit resolv.conf - i see it as no big  
> addition to
> having to issue iptables, ifconfig etc. commands to enable your host  
> desktop to
> route packets for your freerunner anyway - so one way or another you'd
> fiddling with scripts and command-line goop. the same script to set up
> ifconfig/iptables could ALSO scp a resolv.conf over that works (eg a  
> copy of
> your host system's resolv.conf). :)

distributions like suse shield the user mostly from commandline actions  
(and as the suse problems recently show, sometime even prevent  
successfully executing them).
thus, there will be no script to setup routing, perforate firewall, ...
the user might even use a graphic frontend to ssh into the fr.

additionally, while vi is a nice editor it might not be everybody's  
choice, let alone easily usable for the common suse user (no offence) --  
fiddling w/ vi just to change a number in a file might not be that funny,  

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