Which distribution to use on FR?

Jay Vaughan jayv at synth.net
Thu Jul 24 22:59:32 CEST 2008

> I am new to OM and just received my new FR a couple of hours ago.
> I've been playing around with different distributions/images and am  
> now
> wondering which distribution you guys prefer, use, and/or recommend:
> - OM2007.2
> - ASU
> - FSO
> - Qtopia
> Actually, I tried all of the above ones (most recent versions/ 
> snapshots)
> except FSO. Only for OM2007.2, making phone calls worked out of the  
> box. On
> ASU and Qtopia I couldn't make phone calls (or receive).

I'm sticking with OM2007.2 for now, as it works pretty smoothly on my  
freerunner, and its a real drag now that I've gotten the FR set up for  
use - development, GPS, phone calls, Internet - to switch images.   
So .. ymmv .. but be careful which way you go, because you'll get  
stuck if you start to use your Freerunner more and more ..

Jay Vaughan

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