Is there some way to turn the predictive dictionary off?

Michael Sheldon mike at
Thu Jul 24 23:23:36 CEST 2008

Michael Sheldon wrote:
> Ken Restivo wrote:
>> The dictionary prediction is driving me crazy.
>> I'm trying to type "ls", and the damned dictionary is trying to be "smart", and is changing it to "is".
>> So I'm sitting here in a terminal, typing "ls", and "is" is all I can get.
>> Also, I lost track of where the "Full-QWERTY" keyboard layout was for ASU, and how to find/enable/create it.
>> Sorry for being such a pain, but the terminal will be one of the main apps I use on this thing, so I'm finding these.
>   I assume by the predictive dictionary you're using the built-in qtopia 
> keyboard. You can get it to not be predictive by holding a key until the 
> zoom dialog pops up (a little gray circle showing which key you have 
> pressed). And you can get at other keyboard buttons (symbols, numbers, 
> etc.) by sliding your finger upwards or downwards.
>   By the "Full-QWERTY" keyboard I think you mean the Illume keyboard 
> (which was what popped up until recently), but that's now disabled (in 
> the Illume code) in favour of the qtopia keyboard. But you should be 
> able to get virtually all the same keys you had available with that with 
> the qtopia keyboard (there are a small number missing, like the cursor 
> keys), you just have to know about the need to slide upwards to reveal 
> the other layouts.

  One additional thing to consider, which might be useful for a lot of 
people, is adding standard unix commands to the dictionary (perhaps a 
script to automatically populate it with the contents of /bin /usr/bin/ 
/usr/sbin etc.)?


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