The GTAs

Corey Young 10equals2 at
Fri Jul 25 00:20:29 CEST 2008

Ok.  Now that the FreeRunner is out, I'd like to discuss the GTA03 and
04. I've been listening to this list for quite some time, and have
jotted down a few things about the upcoming models.

Please make sure I have all of this correct.  And if its correct, is it
all on the Wiki? I can't find mention. thank you. ^-^

Removed Glamo
3.5mm audio jack(maybe with some of Joerg's Ideas about stereo line-in)
based on existing 2442 arm v4 samsung soc
different case design than 1973/freerunner
vga screen
different battery
different GSM modem.  (I think 2G/EGDE)

USB2.0 will be here at the earliest
different GSM chip than FreeRunner
I heard something about the samsung 6400 soc. more powerful 2d
acceleration than Glamo. 

oh, and GTA03 != Dash Express, right?  a little confusion on that...
thanks again

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