Purchasing Neo Freerunner in the UK

Stroller stroller at stellar.eclipse.co.uk
Fri Jul 25 06:25:31 CEST 2008

On 24 Jul 2008, at 18:49, Ross Woodruff wrote:
> ...  I am just wondering
> where people in the UK purchased their FreeRunners from. I'm  
> thinking of
> getting one in the near future and just wondering if anybody has used
> the TrueBox distributor ...

I got mine from Truebox & am very happy with them. I live in Milton  
Keynes, so they delivered it to my door personally.

> ...will work on a UK phone network (I'm on O2).

I'm on O2, too, & the Freerunner works fine here. My SIM is rather  
old, tho', so I can't comment on newer 3G SIMs.


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