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On Fri, Jul 25, 2008 at 8:15 AM, Peter Harrison <cheetah100 at>

> I'm not sure who to email about this issue; but I have opened a openboat
> project on the projects area, but I can't seem to commit anything. I have
> used both dav and ssh. I have created a directory structure with my work to
> date, then run:
> First method is ssh:
> svn import . svn+ssh://
> cheetah100 at --message 'Initial
> import'
> and I get:
> Permission denied (publickey).
> svn: Connection closed unexpectedly
> I am not asked for a password.

Have you uploaded your public key in the key manager options at After logging in there, you will find this option in
the last under the account maintainance tab. First install (or upgrade)
openssl in your PC and then generate your key using keygen command (search
on google). Then upload the public key there and after about 24 hours, you
can then checkut your directory using ssh. I also got the similar problem
and solved it in this way.

> The other method is https:
> svn import --username cheetah100
> and I get:
> svn: Can't create directory '/svnroot/openboat/db/transactions/0-1.txn':
> Permission denied
> Am I doing something wrong here? Should I contact someone at openmoko?
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