Is there some way to turn the predictive dictionary off?

David Samblas dsamblasomcommunity at
Fri Jul 25 08:33:50 CEST 2008

Hi raster,

If this fork of "this is how Carlsten and many others here thinks ilumme
has to be" ever is created count with a tester/user/brerly developer.
I like ASU a lot but this fuzzy, not  argued nor defended design
desitions made for people that prefer to not to discuss it in public is
a little bit against my idea of "open/free".

The paranoid part of my mind has wishpererd something to the rational
part and toghether are talking about the posibity  this "mindless
hidding features already done" policy is to "educate" the interested in
ASU  to know how is done at code level forcing them to hack it to make
it usable and finally when the official ASU will be unmantained because
the volunteers and payed "rebel" developers are workin in a awesome
fork , the fork will become the official... Is what happen when reason
doesn't find arguments to understand something, paranoia arrise.

Keep on working raster, your willing to understand and satisfy the user
is the main reason I still have seeing posibilities to the ASU

El vie, 25-07-2008 a las 12:27 +1000, Carsten Haitzler escribió:
> On Thu, 24 Jul 2008 19:01:47 -0700 Ken Restivo <ken at> babbled:
> > > directly in. the idea is that full-qwerty is for terminal junkies or those
> > > with a stylus and who
> >                                   ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
> > 								  that would
> > be me. 
> many more than just you... if my observation is not totally off (i actually
> read/listen to a lot more than i reply to, so i hope in many ways to just
> absorb what people want... and make mental notes of it.). i can definitely see
> why you want it (note - even if you want something - i might not always
> agree... but i will always discuss it as it may be that you THINK you want X
> but in reality you really want Y, and have just arrived at the wrong
> conclusion of wanting X - and if Y were implemented it'd give you the
> functionality of X... but as i said - i'll always make it clear that i'm trying
> to give you what you want... just trying to give it to you in a way that is
> better :)
> > And, probably, I'd guess a lot of people who would shell out twice the price
> > of an iPhone, just because it runs Linux, would also be very, very likely to
> > be a terminal junkie. 
> no surprise here.. though the iphone is not 1/2 the price. last i checked its
> about 2-3 times the price... if you buy it unlocked - which is comparing apples
> to apples... (no pun intended). remember at that "1/2" price tag you are paying
> the iphone off over 2 years of contract - and the actual price is much more. :)
> > > dictionary to use (as i have read here
> > > - people seem to want to be able to select language for dictionary and
> > > layouts - often separately).
> > 
> > Sounds great.
> as i said... i'm doing my own thing anyway... but it wont be in ASU - it'll be
> some fork or hidden code features u'll need to go hacking at.
> > > regular english (or german, french etc.), and still maintain a small
> > > footprint.
> > 
> > Very nice feature! Would help a lot, kind of like bash completion. Keystrokes
> > on a touchscreen could really benefit from this.
> hmm. right now the dictionary code doesnt know completion - it just does
> matching. but fuzzy matching - or in theory. that means you need to type the
> WHOLE word - u cant just complete (doing completion in addition to fuzzy
> matching is a lot more expensive lookup-wise so i'm simplifying the expense of
> the fuzzy dict matching by not doing completions - i can go into detail why
> completions WITH fuzzy matching are not likely to be viable... but if you trust
> me - it saves me explaining... :) )
> > > qtopia's keyboard layout is hard-coded into the keyboard. no files to go
> > > edit.
> > 
> > Auuughhh!!! OK, my phone is once again a brick.
> > 
> > It's funny how it goes from being a great device to being more or less
> > useless at least once every two days... this is normal for a product under
> > heavy development. But it is also frustrating.
> :(
> > The hard-coded QPE keyboard that has replaced Illume has no control key. No
> > ALT key. No up or down arrows either. And the keyboard layout is hard-coded,
> > which seems fatally limiting. How will users who don't speak English use it
> > if there are no .kbd files?
> indeed it has none of these keys.
> > The text-editable .kbd files approach was a *great* idea. As was the "qwerty"
> > button (which I was able to bring back thanks to someone posting a file with
> > it), and the pop-up for picking different keyboard types, etc... all stuff
> > that delighted this user.... and has been summarily removed.
> :) thanks :)
> > What packages do I need to hack, and how, to bring the Illume keyboard-- the
> > one with the configurable .kbd files-- back again? Or, is the QPE keyboard
> > going to get this text-editable keyboard layout functionality soon (and, how
> > soon)?
> illume is what u want top hack.. and its 1 line of code in:
> e_mod_win.c
>    // FIXME: run kbd app or use internal
> #if 0
>    //enable for now to test internal kbd
>    vkbd_int = e_kbd_int_new(e_module_dir_get(m),
>                             e_module_dir_get(m),
>                             e_module_dir_get(m));
> #endif
> see that #if 0... make it a #if 1
> :) (it's just waiting for me to actually make this config so of course i leave
> little poopie droppings along the way as i get around to things... for now this
> is my quick and dirty on/off switch for the internal keyboard).
> > > > Also, bringing up the "zoom" doesn't make the dictionary go away. It's
> > > > still changing my "ls" to "is".
> > > 
> > 
> > Actually I got that to work. If I don't let the prediction even get started,
> > and hold down the zoom key from the *first* letter, then the prediction
> > doesn't even start up. But once I let it get started, it doesn't seem to want
> > to stop, even if I hold the zoom down.
> :(

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