Is there some way to turn the predictive dictionary off?

Ken Restivo ken at
Fri Jul 25 12:36:58 CEST 2008

On Fri, Jul 25, 2008 at 08:33:50AM +0200, David Samblas wrote:
> Hi raster,
> If this fork of "this is how Carlsten and many others here thinks ilumme
> has to be" ever is created count with a tester/user/brerly developer.
> I like ASU a lot but this fuzzy, not  argued nor defended design
> desitions made for people that prefer to not to discuss it in public is
> a little bit against my idea of "open/free".
> The paranoid part of my mind has wishpererd something to the rational
> part and toghether are talking about the posibity  this "mindless
> hidding features already done" policy is to "educate" the interested in
> ASU  to know how is done at code level forcing them to hack it to make
> it usable and finally when the official ASU will be unmantained because
> the volunteers and payed "rebel" developers are workin in a awesome
> fork , the fork will become the official... Is what happen when reason
> doesn't find arguments to understand something, paranoia arrise.
> Keep on working raster, your willing to understand and satisfy the user
> is the main reason I still have seeing posibilities to the ASU
> initiative.  

There's no need for paranoia.

That #ifdef makes it seem to me like there's going to be a menu item in Exposure to let the user pick which keyboard to use, but there's no code yet to implement that configuration choice. That'd be the "right" way to do it IMHO-- let the user switch between keyboards on the fly-- no recompiling necessary. That's the kind of configurability that a product manager or "designer" would put into a spec, for example, and I'd agree with it.

As for implementing it, does Carsten want help? Maybe the Qtopia API makes it easy to add preferences/settings and to query some system-wide database for them (I don't know Qtopia, so I'm just saying it *might*). In the best case, our woes might be solved with 5-10 lines of Qtopia API code replacing that #ifdef, plus some adding of options to the configuration system.

If that's what's going on, then all this anguish would simply be another case of too many users trying to actually *use* a product that isn't anywhere near ready to be actually used yet (I'm guilty of that for sure).


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