GSM Antenna Connector part of Closed System?

Scott scott at
Fri Jul 25 14:39:29 CEST 2008


I know its the same connector as on a Razr or Motorola C168i, so I think 
its the same that Motorola uses.

The problem is the way the inner case is designed I can't get the Razr 
connector on it. It has to reach really deep to reach the FR's 
connector.  So I don't know which one to order?

Now the engineers at OpenMoko surely designed the inner case case around 
some existing connector right?  If I knew what other phone had that kind 
of deep recess I could order the adapter.

The plug has to reach a good 1/4 inch though the inner case to fit onto 
the connector.

If you take the back cover off, look near the GSM antenna, you can see 
tow recessed screws, next to one of the screws is the external GSM 
antenna connector.


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