Now that you have your phone, what are you doing?

Breakable igalvelis at
Fri Jul 25 16:30:28 CEST 2008

Hi there,
Just wondering those of you who have the device already, what are you doing
with your new device?

I just got my GTA02 three days ago. I am trying to get it work like a normal
phone for now.
I tried using OpenMoko os for a while and was impressed with the ammount of
packages in the repository.
Unfortunatly I was not able to get GPS show up onthe TangoGPS, even when the
command line seems to be working.
I struggled to improve calling volume, but not very successfull. The power
management was not good enough, even after the opkg upgrade.
Seems not to go into suspend, because the battery gets depleted.

Currently I flashed with the Qtopia instead. Now the software is a little
more reliable, much nicer UI, but no repository ! :(
And the suspend seems to hang after a really long time, only thing helps is
removing the battery.

I hope those issues will be resolved sometime soon, now that we have an
increasing developer base that have the new hardware.

So what are you doing?

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