Now that you have your phone, what are you doing?

arne anka openmoko at
Fri Jul 25 16:59:29 CEST 2008

> Unfortunatly I was not able to get GPS show up onthe TangoGPS, even when  
> the
> command line seems to be working.

gpsd seems not to be installed by default (and tangogps seems not to  
define a depency to pull it in automatically)

> I struggled to improve calling volume, but not very successfull. The  
> power
> management was not good enough, even after the opkg upgrade.
> Seems not to go into suspend, because the battery gets depleted.

did you upgrade the software and flash the uboot?
calling volume is surpringly enough _not_ controlled by the slider in the  
dialer but only through alsamixer -- once you foudn a nice setting you can  
store it and it will come back everytime you call.

flashing u-boot and using a recent kernel makes suspend/resume working  
rather acceptable (wakes up reliable and saves power, though it keeps  
waking up frequently), may corrupt your sd card though, at least if the  
you need to change the powermanagement to "dim first, lock then" (shortly  
press power button).

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