FR and iPhone - how can they be compared?

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Fri Jul 25 18:07:25 CEST 2008

Howdy Flemming, 

	Neat idea's about the FR and custom hardware.  I currently have an
arduino project that works great with the Freerunner, connecting both
via blue tooth and via usb.  The arduino is used to control a custom
irrigation solution I build on my roof using earth boxs, and the sends
the data back to the FR for alerting and monitoring.   If you have not
checked out the arduino micro controller, take a peek
( . 

Best regards, 
Steven O'Reilly

On Fri, 2008-07-25 at 01:36 +0200, Flemming Richter Mikkelsen wrote:
> Today, I read [1]. I also read [2], and it is basically the reasons
> there that made me buy the Freerunner some weeks ago (look
> at the question part). That, and that it is a cool device to hack
> on! (Anyway, the iPhone is big, ugly and with a low res. screen:p)
> The Freerunner is doing very well, being recommended by FSF,
> OSM, etc, and got a lot of publicity slashdot,
> and many other places.
> Also it is very nice to use as a phone. I use it as my primary
> phone, with OM2007.2. As soon as I get some time, I will try
> to write some code for it too. There are a few issues, but if
> there where nothing to fix, the phone would not be of any
> interest to me. In stead of seeing limitations, one should see
> potential:) That is the beauty of free software :D
> One simple way to make custom hardware, is to add
> something to the USB port, since the USB_ID pin is
> connected to an ADC. I bought a lot of 5 pin mini USB
> plugs, and inside one, you can actually fit a complete
> mini circuit.
> I have one that works as a flash light, and one for measuring
> humidity. I plan to put the sensor inside, once I have written
> some code that actually works.
> I also ordered a small camera, so I will try to see if it works
> "out of the box" or if some code needs to be rewritten.
> The camera I bought does not have the correct electrical
> interface, so I need to make an adapter (USB or BT). It is a
> wireless cam,  which I will mount on my radio car:) I will add
> some hardware and make a simple GTK app, so I can control
> the car from my phone (and see the output from the cam). I
> hope I ever get the time to do this.
> [1]
> [2]
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