The GTAs

Flemming Richter Mikkelsen quatrox at
Fri Jul 25 18:45:00 CEST 2008

I can not promise I am correct, but I think this is what have
been told on ml's.

On 2008-07-25, Corey Young <10equals2 at> wrote:
> Ok.  Now that the FreeRunner is out, I'd like to discuss the GTA03 and
> 04. I've been listening to this list for quite some time, and have
> jotted down a few things about the upcoming models.
> Please make sure I have all of this correct.  And if its correct, is it
> all on the Wiki? I can't find mention. thank you. ^-^
It is not on the wiki because things may still change.

> GTA03
> Removed Glamo
> 3.5mm audio jack(maybe with some of Joerg's Ideas about stereo line-in)
> based on existing 2442 arm v4 samsung soc
> camera
> different case design than 1973/freerunner
> vga screen
> different battery
> different GSM modem.  (I think 2G/EGDE)
Yes. There will be a new 2.5G GSM  module (2.5G = GSM+EDGE).
Maybe this will solve the issues with newer sim cards.
> USB2.0-OTG
Yes. OM pays a lot for this.
> GTA04
> USB2.0 will be here at the earliest
> different GSM chip than FreeRunner
and maybe a different PMU:)
> I heard something about the samsung 6400 soc. more powerful 2d
> acceleration than Glamo.
> 3D?
I am not sure about the 2D/3D. I think it is just some talk - lets wait
and see. It will prob. take a few years until it gets available, and then
hopefully with something newer than 2.5G networks.

Maybe different shape on the device. GTA04 will be a totally redesigned
and improved GTA.
> oh, and GTA03 != Dash Express, right?  a little confusion on that...
> thanks again
GTA03 != Dash Express

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