Anyone have a Bluetooth mouse ?

Valerio Valerio vdv100 at
Fri Jul 25 21:10:23 CEST 2008


I need a dump from a bluetooth mouse in a Linux box , for figure out a
pattern to do my project (GSoC Openmoko remote controller).
So if some kindle person with a bluetooth mouse can do the instructions in
the bottom and send me the result, I will appreciate a lot :)


1-  Check if you have hcidump installed (exist in the rep of the major linux
2- In a shell type "sudo hcidump -X  >  teste_mouse"
3 - Connect the mouse to the PC and hit the scroll up and down a few times
4- hit scrool down again and terminate the hcidump app
5- send me the "test_mouse" file

Best regards,

Valério Valério
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