update to quickstart user guide adds "known issue" section

Michael Shiloh michael at openmoko.org
Sat Jul 26 00:47:07 CEST 2008

Olivier Berger wrote:
> Michael Shiloh <michael at openmoko.org> writes:
>> http://quickstart.openmoko.org/
>> Comments, questions, and suggestions welcomed.
> Hadn't heard of that document before... I was referred to the wiki by
> the notice in the box of the FR, so I expect to have reference docs
> there... so yes, duplication seems bad to me, otherwise I'd expect
> that doc to be referred to from the Getting started page of the wiki.
> Just my 2 cents.

And excellent two cents they are.

Once the wiki is cleaned up there will be no need for my quickstart guide.


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