Now that you have your phone, what are you doing?

Yaroslav Halchenko at
Sat Jul 26 05:04:44 CEST 2008

sorry for a silly follow-up but 

>    reading a lot about it,
LOL ;-)

it summarizes well activities of the hundreds I bet...

may be it is because

1. there is a universe of unconnected contributions (ie "I packaged smth
which is not in the official repository", or "I've fixed this via ....")
ie. there is no transparent and generic plan/HOWTO on how contributions
are submitted/adopted to be used by the masses with a simple 'opkg
upgrade'. There is no distributed allocation of duties/privileges in
respect to packages (like in Debian and without any flavor of which
community project is not a community project any longer -- even
khe Ubuntu has their MOTUs ;) ), thus any update in official
repository takes too long (look at tangogps for which upstream has
up-to-date version but OM's repository lacks it). or where is minimo
which was already packaged and there is wiki instructions on the web?

I already have my own set of scripts to bring 2007.2 to a usable
state for me... just not sure where to place it to make public (not just
a blog/wiki page about it since that is of limited affect)

2. "is it in wiki? yes! in the page buga_biga_boom which you could reach
after going through buga1, buga2 and buga3 or searching for buga1 buga2
buga_whatever_irrelevant)". sure -- wiki is improving since people
mentioned amount of redundancy in its content, but wiki shouldn't be a
collection of addendums of the ad-hoc scripts to complement official
distribution, it should serve as a nice documentation.

sorry for a bit of sarcasm ;-) but it seems OM is missing some basic
community organization at the moment (I guess they are too busy with
reinventing the wheel via a child of their own - illume and an
autohiding keyboard so you don't type whenever YOU want, and that
is their mistake imho)


P.S. it is not to start a heavy finger-pointing discussion, it is just
me after having some beer ;-)

On Fri, 25 Jul 2008, andres wrote:

>    On Fri, 2008-07-25 at 17:30 +0300, Breakable wrote:

>      Hi there,
>      Just wondering those of you who have the device already, what are
>      you doing with your new device?

>    reading a lot about it,
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