Qtopia questions

Lorn Potter lpotter at trolltech.com
Sat Jul 26 07:47:14 CEST 2008

Wolfgang Spraul wrote:
> Lorn,
>> Qtopia development is fairly closed. We do take contributions,  
>> depending
>> on our roadmap, but consider that we need to sell it however we like
>> (non GPL), we ask for copyright assignment, or a very liberal license
>> like BSD. This is mainly for large features. Small bug fixes cannot be
>> copyrighted (IMNAL) so we can take these from anyone.
> We have a copyright assignment in place, but if you ask Holger he will  
> tell you that he has dozens of real Qtopia-only (not related to our X  
> port) bug fixes that nobody at Trolltech (Australia) cares to look at  
> or accept.

We do keep an eye on his patches/commits. A few people have told me they 
do, actually.

I have been told, a lot of them seem to be "I don't like the way you do 
this, my way is better", or 'code clean-ups', or such that do not fix 
any real bugs at all, or are specific to the Neo, and not taking into 
consideration that many other (buggy) devices have to remain working.

We have implemented some of his patches. I personally have done a few of 
them, some after having to patch the patch.

As well, we have been working on getting 4.4 ready to release. There are 
quite a few changes in 4.4, and quite a few have to be manually 
integrated and such.

> It would be fantastic if this could improve, we would all benefit.


Lorn 'ljp' Potter
Software Engineer, Systems Group, Trolltech, a Nokia company

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