Community contributions to core apps & features. (Was: Terminal for ASU)

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Sat Jul 26 12:50:40 CEST 2008

> It is already linked from the front page, but clearly from not those
> places it should be from :)
> But you have good points. Openmoko is open, but its development is not
> exposed in the open as much as I'd like for an open source project to
> be. The Openmoko folks are still a bit "mysterious" to me, with the
> exception of the few who regularly post on these mailing lists.
> I think the line between Openmoko employee and a contributing, trusted
> community member should be made more fuzzy. More SVN / GIT rights to
> the people, more contributing directly to
> instead of just "external" projects at etc.

You are right but I think that the problem lies in the fact that Openmoko
has not been able to provide any entry point where new people joining the
list (after the release of the freerunner) can figure out who and where to
ask what question. The Openmoko people are pretty open and if you will ask
for something long enough you will get an answer/ access from them.
MichaelShiloh of Openmoko used to interface with the community and
answer their
questions after getting the information from the developers in a regular
community update. I think Steve and Michael still do that? Maybe we should
have a page on the wiki describing who does what at Openmoko and who to
address what question to and also an introductory email for new subscribers
listing out similar things.

It has been almost an year since I wrote my first email to Openmoko
(actually to Sean  to which Michael Shiloh replied) I can assure you that
Openmoko people try their "hardest" to be open and responsive to community
suggestions/ questions. But often it takes time for the question/ request to
reach the correct person who can answer it / respond to it.

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