The GTAs

kenneth marken k-marken at
Sat Jul 26 14:14:05 CEST 2008

On Saturday 26 July 2008 14:03:08 Mikko Rauhala wrote:
> la, 2008-07-26 kello 14:53 +0300, Timo Jyrinki kirjoitti:
> > 2.5G = GSM with GPRS
> > 2.75G = GSM with EDGE (=EGPRS)
> Yeah, but FWIW, the whole G notation especially for fractions should be
> taken out and shot ;]

it serves the same for marketing as megapixels or horsepower. its a simple 
number that a customer can look at, compare and figure that "higher must be 

so, who is up for firebombing some marketing deps?

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