device only powers up on its own

Dimitri spam2 at
Sat Jul 26 18:02:23 CEST 2008

Check this out:

My new Freerunner's battery is fully charged.

But, whenever I attempt to power it up, it refuses. Nothing happens. It
won't power on.

But, the instant I plug it in, via USB, it powers up on its own (without my
pressing its power button.)

It's not a battery issue, because I can instantly disconnect the USB cable
(the instant the phone starts to boot up), and it continues booting up and
operating normally. But when I powered it off, I have to reconnect it via
usb to power on again.

Unless there's a magic trick to turning on the phone, it's DOA as far as I'm
concerned. (I can't be expected to carry around a laptop, or a portable AC
power generator, to turn on the phone.)

Please advise.
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